The London’s Lifelines Story

We want to celebrate and to tell the story of all of London’s lifelines; from those who literally save lives to those who are lifesavers in countless other ways.

Back to the start

The ‘London’s Lifelines’ is the very first project of its kind, to shout about all the different types of volunteering activities in London and the important part they play in building stronger communities. We launched with this introductory video below. 

What happened next?

We soon started gathering stories from every day Londoners doing extraordinary things for others, for their communities and for our great city. It’s been truly inspirational. 

A celebration

A key part of this project was to celebrate London’s volunteers and all those who give their time freely for others.

5th December 2022 was the first International Volunteer Day since our launch. We were thrilled to join the rest of the world in celebrating volunteers.  The Deputy Mayor of London shared a special message for all those committed and dedicated Londoners who give their time freely for others!

June 2023 was a big month for celebrations! We joined the rest of the UK in celebrating volunteers during Volunteers’ Week and then we had the Mayor’s Community Weekend; a special celebration just for London.


The London’s Lifelines film

With the help of a fabulous team of London’s Lifelines who signed up to be our volunteer film crew, we’ve made a short film to showcase the power of volunteering in London and highlight the stories of London’s Lifelines. 

We still want to hear from you!

Click here for some of the stories of the inspirational Londoners we’ve met along this journey.

We are still collecting stories. We know there are many more thousands of Lifelines out there and we’d love to hear from you

Who are we?

We are a group of London-based organisations, charities and networks who’ve come together to form the London Volunteering Strategy Group (LVSG). We aim to:

– Show the scale and scope of volunteering in London

– Shine a light on Londoners everywhere who give their time for others

– Demonstrate how volunteers power London’s vital services and communities