Trustees’ Week 2023

Trustees’ Week 2023

Trustees Week 6-10 Nov

Trustees’ Week is a time for us all to come together each year to celebrate and thank all of London’s trustees for the time, commitment and effort they bring to London’s charities.

Trustees’ Week provides an opportunity for prospective trustees to find out more, and for existing trustees to connect.  You can also develop your skills through a wide range of events, training and guidance.  

The theme for Trustees’ Week 2023 was ‘Many voices, working together, with purposecelebrating the individual talents, viewpoints and experiences each trustee brings, and how diversity can help make a charity stronger.

Discover more

Ever wondered how to demonstrate the vital value of volunteers or trustees in monetary terms? Well, wonder no more; check out this ground-breaking analysis of the monetary value of charity trustees that will change perceptions of the value and importance of volunteering to the economy.

This research calculates the monetary value of London’s trustees at a whopping £4.1 billion and the value of all volunteering in London at a staggering £35.9 billion!

Feeling inspired?

Maybe you’re feeling inspired to become a charity trustee.  These vital volunteers are essential to the functioning of charities and therefore, their impact. As a trustee, you too could be one of London’s lifelines – Find out here how to volunteer in London!

If you’re a trustee already, we’d love to hear your story! Film a quick video message or write a testimonial, dig out a picture and share them with us here.