The London Vision for Volunteering

The London Vision for Volunteering

What does the future of volunteering in London look like?

Earlier this month, London Plus was delighted to represent London’s Lifelines and participate in the GLA’s ‘Securing a Fairer Future’ event. Bringing together partners from voluntary, community, faith and sport organisations, it was an opportunity to celebrate the work and achievements of the sector and to explore upcoming challenges and opportunities.

A highlight of the event for us was co-hosting a workshop with Vision for Volunteering.

We know volunteering, in all its forms, is vital. It’s the driving force behind our communities and it keeps London thriving. So, what does the future look like?

Our workshop, ‘Developing a Vision for Volunteering in London’, asked just that. For example, we asked how can we create a better future for volunteering? Also, how can we ensure that London and all its complexity is included in the development of the UK-wide Vision for Volunteering?

What is the Vision for Volunteering?

The Vision for Volunteering is a ten-year collaborative project that hopes to create a better future for volunteering. It centres on five key themes:

  • Awareness and appreciation
  • Power
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Collaboration

Starting the conversation in London

As a diverse global city, London faces unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to volunteering. At the workshop, we began the conversations around what London needs to thrive.

Georgia Sanders joined us from the Vision for Volunteering team to give an overview of the Vision project. We then asked the group to envisage a better future for volunteering in London and discuss what would be needed to get there. We asked ‘for volunteering in London to thrive, what is needed, or what needs to change?’ Here are just a handful of snippets from the feedback:

      vision for volunteering workshop quotes

      Key learnings from the workshop

      Firstly, we would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who attended the workshop. The rich debate and feedback on the day highlighted just how passionate the participants are about volunteering in London.

      The beginnings of a vision that emerged from the collective discussion were optimistic and thoughtful. There was a real sense of a need (and an opportunity) to move with the times and adapt volunteering to today’s needs.

      Often, when we look to the future it can be easy to focus on the challenges and issues. This workshop, however, explored positive changes and opportunities.


      vision for volunteering infographic

      What’s next?

      This however, is just the start of the conversation.

      Together, we can build a stronger and more vibrant London through our collective efforts and shared vision for a better future. To do this, we aim to hold several similar workshops, which will set the direction for the Vision and the work that comes next.

      If you would like to have your say, or hear updates, please contact us here.

      Find out more

      Check out London’s Lifelines for all things related to volunteering in London. We’ll share updates here as the London Vision progresses.  Contact us, sign up for occasional updates, and follow us on social media:

      Contact the national Vision for Volunteering team or sign up for their newsletter.

      If you’re a volunteer in London, we’d love to hear your story! Film a quick video message or write a testimonial, dig out a picture and share them with us here.