Nadine – Voluntary Action Islington


Meet Nadine! She first volunteered with Voluntary Action Islington for university and has learned so much from the experience. See below for some words from Nadine!

After working in a primary school for nine years to work around the children, I embarked on my degree as the children started to get older. University was a new venture, but I looked forward to the journey and doing something for myself.

I initially volunteered at VAI during my second year of university, studying for my Community Development and Leadership degree. It was a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand the variety of initiatives, projects delivered and organisations in the voluntary sector and an understanding of the workings of the volunteer centre. I enjoyed my time there; I then spent my third year on placement, gaining further knowledge and understanding while solidifying my studies.

I always looked forward to being at VAI. I still do. Volunteering has many benefits, especially when in the right place that nurtures you to grow. I use my experience from VAI in my current role as an exemplar of fantastic volunteer management and support. VAI will always be home.

I learnt about recruiting, supporting and managing volunteers, engaged with community groups, used the volunteer platform effectively and efficiently, worked in partnership on projects with external stakeholders, completed research and attended various training, to name a few.

I am so blessed that I chose VAI as a learning ground. It was a safe and supportive space with an amazing team. As a volunteer, I enhanced my skills, gained new ones, and grew my confidence. I used my experience from VAI to secure a job after graduating from university due to the invaluable transferable skills and experience I am now working as a Community Investment project Lead.